27th April 2018
Dear delegate,
We are delighted to be welcoming you to The Perse this year.  As at conference each year, a vital part of NISDA’s work is dealt with at the AGM.
We are currently still looking for a Host for the 26th conference in 2019.  Whilst several schools have offered their services, nothing has been confirmed yet; if you feel that your school would be willing and able to host, and it has been approved by senior management, please let Scott know by email as soon as possible – my email address is below.
This year, we have introduced our new ‘Membership’ model.  Two memberships are available, either an individual or school membership.  An individual membership allows you to vote at the AGM, including on positions within committee, as detailed below.  The School membership allows a maximum of 5 votes, but must be approved by senior management of the institution; this can be provided on your school’s headed paper, or by email.  This membership also grants discounted rates on NISDA attendance.  Membership is for the financial year, ending March 31st, after which you will be prompted for membership renewal. 
This year, we have a number of positions both on the Management Committee and the Officers.  An Officer can only be appointed from within the serving Management Committee.  A member of the Management Committee shall be appointed once proposed and seconded by membership, and following a secret ballot.  Management Committee members stand for 2 years, and Officers stand for 4.  The Management Committee is made up of no more than 12 members, including 4 Officers.  Matt Bulmer ends his 2 year term this year, and Andrew Golightly, Bronwen Carr-Bates, Johanna Duncan and Matt Hawksworth, as host, are each serving their first year.  Once next year’s conference host is confirmed, they too shall join the committee, alongside Scott Edwards, Becky Revell, Hugh Edwards and the current Treasurer, Jo Brayton.
This year, the position of Chair is available for election, as Phil Tattersall-King steps down after 4 years of service.  The role of the Chair is to steer NISDA, acting as a figurehead for the organisation, leading on development and taking any urgent action as necessary between committee meetings.  There are also up to 3 potential vacancies on the Management committee to be filled at this year’s AGM.   
If you wish to apply for the Management Committee, please submit a paragraph outlining why you wish to take on the role, and get a proposer and seconder by the end of the first day of conference.  Feel free to email me for further details.
Kind regards,
T Scott Edwards, Vice Chair